Carrying cups safely

Implemented as part of Sue’s Safety Challenge during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project 2019-2020


What? Cup carriers

Whose idea? Mary Burling, Office Administrator.

Why? Teas and coffees are an important part of office life, they refresh and revive us, provide an opportunity to pause and can even be a way of developing relationships within the office as tea rounds bring people together. But they can also be a stressful experience when carrying a heavy tray full of mugs sliding around.

Implemented? Yes. Four-mug cup holders have proved a good investment, taking the stress out of carrying a tray and enabling us to concentrate on where we are walking, rather than what we’re trying not to spill.

As one of the first people to submit an idea to Sue’s Safety Challenge, Mary was selected to win one of 12 silver hard hat keyrings. She’s pictured here receiving her prize from Bridge Clerk Sue Threader.

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