How to apply

Potential applicants are reminded not to submit an application unless their project falls clearly within at least one of the grant categories and can comply fully with all the Grants Criteria. Potential applicants are invited to contact the Trust by email with any queries before applying.


  1. Start by reading What the Trust Funds, the Grant Conditions and the Grant Help & Advice page to get tips on making a successful application.
  2. Check that your project falls within an eligible area and check the closing dates to make sure you will be applying in good time before your project starts.
  3. Send an Initial Grant Application by email. Please see below for details of what information you need to include.
  4. If the Trust is interested in receiving a Full Application, you will receive an email setting out the additional information required.

All applications must be submitted by email. All attachments must be in .pdf format.

The Grant Case Studies give details about how other projects have used the Trust’s grants.

The maximum grant currently available is £25,000 from the Bridge Wardens’ Grants or River Medway Fund Grants schemes. The maximum grant available through the Fast-Track scheme is £2,000.

It is important that you apply in good time before your project starts, as we do not fund retrospectively. Also bear in mind that your application may be deferred until the following grants round, if additional information is required before the Trust can make its decision. Think about when you would like your project to start, your available funds (including your reserves and fundraising), and the timing of any applications you will be making to other funders.

When you are ready to make an application, please send an email to with the title “INITIAL GRANT APPLICATION” and your organisation’s name in the header. Your email should include:


  • The name, date of foundation, and status of your organisation (including registered charity number where appropriate);
  • A brief description of your project and the outcomes you expect to achieve (max 300 words);
  • An explanation of how your project will promote one of our grant priority areas;
  • The total cost of the project; how much funding you are seeking from the Trust; and how you anticipate that the balance will be raised (Please note that the Trust expects to fund 20%-75% of the total cost of a project.);
  • If your organisation does not submit its accounts to the Charity Commission then please attach a copy of your latest signed account; and
  • The programme for delivery of the project.

Your initial email will be considered and, if the Trust would like to invite you to make a full application, then further details will be requested. At its sole discretion, the Trust may choose to consider your application under the Fast-Track scheme.

Fast-Track Grants

The Fast-Track scheme is for applications worth £2,000 or less. The application process is the same as for the other grant programmes.

Decisions on these applications are normally made within 10 working days of submission, once all supporting information has been received. Fast-Track applications are for organisations that are well-organised and ready to carry out their project. If the project has not started within 6 months of the date on your grant award letter, the grant may be cancelled. Please note that you cannot submit a Fast Track application in addition to an application in one of the main grants rounds, unless there are exceptional circumstances.