Meet the people

A key element of any project is its people. Here we put faces to names both new and old, explaining their involvement with the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

Rochester Bridge Trust

Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk

Kate Castle, Bridge Programme Engineer

Jim Booth, Service Manager (TMC)

Craig Undery, Cost Manager

Josh Fletcher, Assistant Supervisor

Arcadis - Bridge Engineer

Stuart Hercus, Principal Engineer

Awnesh (Ash) Sothiratnam, Senior Engineer

Ben Hilder, Associate Technical Director

Rob Gilbert, Senior Bridge Engineer

FM Conway - Refurbishment Contractor

Matt Smith, Director Of Structures

Liam McGoldrick, Senior Contracts Manager – Structures

Peter Moore, Contract Manager

Adam Brown, Project Supervisor

Helen McConnell, Public Liaison Officer

Mayrick Hellwing, Quality Manager

Helene Andersen, Quality Control Manager

Louise Chenery, Apprentice Civil Engineer

FM Conway - Term Maintenance Contractor

Shaun Hill, Core Service Supervisor

Jack Callaway, Site Operative