Take a virtual tour of the Bridge Chapel and Chamber

Would you like to look around the medieval Bridge Chapel and Victorian Bridge Chamber?

Extensively refurbished over the course of 2021 and 2022, the Bridge Chapel and Chamber are now fully accessible and open to the public on pre-publicised days throughout the year.

The Grade II-listed structures can also be experienced at any time via this 360° degree virtual tour.

How to virtually get around the buildings

The tour starts in the entrance hall of the Bridge Chamber.

Using your mouse:

Clicking on a circle will move you to another part of the room.

Clicking on a circle with an arrow will take you to another part of the building.

Clicking on a door with a door icon will take you to the next room.

Clicking on an information sign will tell you more about the item you are viewing.

At any time during the tour, holding your mouse down and moving it left or right or up or down will change what comes into view.

So, for example, once you have opened the doors that lead from the hallway into the Bridge Chapel: you can click on the circle to move to the far end and admire the Minstrels Gallery; drag the mouse down to look at the tiled floor; drag the mouse upwards to look at the ceiling; or turn around 180° and click on the information sign to learn more about the seven shields on the wall.

Upstairs you will find an icon for a video. If you click to watch you will be taken to an external site, for a look around the Bridge Works exhibition when it was hosted in the Crypt of Rochester Cathedral.

360 Tour courtesy of Tim Stubbings.