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All of these updates can be found in the News section of our website. Here we collect together those items from the Bridge Engineer’s Blog that relate specifically to the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

A place to sit and stare

As part of the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, all the drainage underneath Rochester Esplanade has had to be replaced, and if you’ve got to dig an area up you might …

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Enhancement lighting on the Old Bridge

The Old Bridge, with its iconic bowstring trusses gliding over the water of the River Medway, is a pretty special view. It’s also eye-catching at night. As part of the …

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Archaeologist keeps watchful eye over excavation

When carrying out excavations on Rochester Esplanade, we make arrangements for an archaeologist to attend the site in order to carry out an archaeological “watching brief” during any deep groundworks. …

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Taking action to prevent problems

The Rochester bridges have a bit of a problem, and it relates to pigeon poo, which is both harmful to humans and to bridges. Here we are going to explain …

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Aerial film captures a brief moment from the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project

The Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project is an opportunity to give the three crossings and two esplanades owned by the Rochester Bridge Trust a major overhaul. It’s not possible to film …

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Helping to make Rochester safer

A charity supporting vulnerable people has been given a helping hand by the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project. Lead contractor FM Conway has donated 10 first aid kits to the Medway …

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