Edited by Nigel Yates and James M. Gibson. Woodbridge : The Boydell Press, 1994. 408pp. Illustrations. ISBN 0 85115 356 9. £13 (includes postage and packing).

Seven different authors trace the history of Rochester Bridge from Roman times through the 20th century:

  • “Rochester Bridge, AD 43-1381” by Nicholas P. Brooks;
  • “Rochester Bridge, 1381-1530” by R.H. Britnell;
  • “Rochester Bridge, 1530-1660” by James M. Gibson;
  • “Rochester Bridge, 1660-1825” by David Ormrod;
  • “Rochester Bridge, 1825-1950” by James Preston;
  • “Rochester Bridge, 1950-1993: An Epilogue” by P.F. Cooper and Glyn C. Jones.

To arrange to purchase a copy of the book by post, please email: Alternatively, copies can be purchased for £10 during Bridge Chapel and Chamber Open Days. For dates and times see the Forthcoming Events page.

Langdon the Lion is pleased to present his free education kit – Learning about Bridges!

Learning about Bridges contains twelve sessions on the basics of bridge building, aimed at children aged 8-11 years. Each session can be completed in about an hour and the activities are ideal for afterschool clubs and home-schooling as well as for classroom use.

Exploring Engineering Challenges are the next installation in the Trust’s free education resources.

Three books challenge children to take on real-life engineering scenarios. They contain guidance and handouts to lead a practical design and modelling challenge with a class or group of 8-11-year-olds.