Chamber refurbishment news

All of these updates can be found in the News section of our website. Here we collect together those items from the Chamber refurbishment news that relate specifically to the Chamber refurbishment project.


An introduction to archives

We often make reference to our 600-year-old-plus archive, but how many people know what makes an archive? As our archive and reading room are among the things benefitting from the …

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Historic ropery provides material for refurbishment

The saying “money for old rope” is reversed with our latest purchase, as a lot of effort has gone into the sourcing of some new rope. Inside the Bridge Chamber, …

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Taking time to find the perfect match

Behind the scenes work to any building is inevitable at some point, a leaky pipe needs fixing, or wiring replacing, or any number of other tasks issues can come up …

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Keeping warm before central heating

Wander around the inside of many older buildings – including private homes – and a common feature is a fireplace. The same can be found in the Bridge Chamber. Before …

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Hiding modern features in historic opening

As everyone knows, electricity wasn’t a thing that was wired into buildings in medieval times. This means it’s a relatively new addition to our Bridge Chapel. During the internal refurbishment …

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Getting a handle on small details

It’s all very well drawing up plans for a major internal refurbishment but if you overlook the small details the outcome can be disappointing. With this in mind, a considerable …

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