Old Bridge Enhancement Lighting

The Old Bridge is a historic listed structure and on Fridays and Saturdays the enhancement lighting is set to an appropriate warm white light to complement the fixed functional lighting and highlight the features of the structure.

The lighting is also used by the Trust to publicise themes and projects which promote the Trust’s values and activities and occasionally celebrate significant events. The Wardens select an Annual Programme of Enhancement Lighting Events in accordance with the Trust’s Old Bridge Enhancement Lighting Policy. Requests for additional lighting events will only be considered if they are in accordance with the Policy and do not duplicate or overlap with another event in the Programme. The final decision on whether to use the enhancement lighting for a particular event rests with the Wardens.

For the conservation of energy, control of energy costs and reduction of adverse light-pollution impact on the environment, the enhancement lighting is switched off at midnight unless there is a special reason to keep it on later into the night.