Free fruit Tuesdays

Implemented as part of Sue’s Safety Challenge during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project 2019-2020


What? Free fruit for all employees

Whose idea? Jim Booth, Service Manager (TMC)

Why? A varied diet which includes a variety of fruit and vegetables is important for staying healthy but when it comes to snacking we can all be guilty of reaching for a biscuit or a packet of crisps. They’re convenient, easy, and the sugar and/or salt is appealing.

By making fruit freely available we can make it easier for people to consider a healthy option. We don’t expect anyone to give up their treats, but this way they might consume fewer of them as they balance out their diet with healthy fruit.

Implemented? Yes. Every Tuesday a basket of fruit is delivered to both the canteen area of the refurbishment site office and the kitchen of the Trust’s offices. The basket generally includes apples, bananas and oranges, with a little variety thrown in to keep people interested. It is supplied by Austen’s of Rochester, an award-winning local farm shop.

Jim Booth was presented with a silver hard hat keyring for his suggestion of providing fruit to all who work for the Trust in Rochester.

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