Identifying people on site

Implemented as part of Sue’s Safety Challenge during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project 2019-2020


What: A hard hat colour coding system

Why? At times the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project can be quite a busy work site. A combination of client (the Rochester Bridge Trust), Bridge Engineer (Arcadis), supervisors, site operatives and sub-contractors, not forgetting the potential for other visitors, means there is also the possibility of people who are not all known to each other.

Colour coding is a quick, easy way to identify levels of authority and experience to ensure a safe hierarchy is maintained and appropriate levels of supervision can be applied.

Implemented? Yes. The majority of site operatives wear white, meaning it is easy to identify the supervisors in black and white. Banksmen and lifting operatives are responsible for co-ordinating the movement of large or heavy items of equipment around the site and it is important that these workers are easily recognisable to everyone on site, so they wear orange hard hats.

Trust staff wear red, and the Bridge Engineer blue, making both easy to identify when carrying out a site visit. Grey is reserved for visitors. These are people who may have little or no experience of a work site and should therefore be accompanied and closely supervised for the safety of all.

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