Brushless lavatory cleaners

Implemented as part of Sue’s Safety Challenge during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project 2019-2020


What: Brushless lavatory cleaners

Whose idea? Andrew Freeman, Operations Manager


It’s important to answer a call of nature, but no-one likes to leave a dirty lavatory for their colleagues, so out of courtesy we reach for the brush and give the bowl a clean if needed. However traditional toilet brushes are actually quite unhygienic and not particularly efficient. The bristles hold on to solid materials as well as water which can drip on the floor as the brush is moved from the toilet bowl to its holder.

The solution is a brushless toilet brush – or spatula – coated with an anti-bacterial, anti-stick material that is drip-resistant. The flexible silicon head allows for efficient cleaning under the rim of the toilet bowl as well as the awkward-to-reach areas below the water line.

The overall result is an much cleaner and more hygienic office restroom.

Implemented? Yes. Old brushes have been removed and the office lavatories are now equipped with one of the new devices. The feedback from staff is the spatulas are less unpleasant to use and do a better job of keeping the toilets clean.

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