Take part in a hard hat tour around Rochester Bridge

Rochester Bridge comprises three structures: the 1914 Old Bridge which incorporates parts of the previous Victorian crossing; the 1970 New Bridge; and the Service Bridge, a closed structure carrying pipes and cabling across the river.

The bridges are crossed by tens of thousands of people every day, and now a limited number of people can join a hard hat tour to see hidden areas of the bridges and find out more about the engineering involved.

The tours are free but places must be booked and participants must be physically able to climb ladders. The tour is not suitable for anyone suffering from claustrophobia, fear of heights, back problems or other mobility restrictions. Participants will be required to sign a safety declaration before being allowed to take part.

The tours will take place on Wednesday, 20 March, at 1.30pm, and on and Saturday, 23 March, at 11am and 1.30pm. They will last for approximately one hour.

Please review all the download information before booking your ticket.

Places are currently being offered to the September 2023 waiting list, they will be advertised to the public at a later date.