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Esplanade inspections, a possible find

As mentioned in our previous post, an archaeologist was in attendance for our Esplanade inspection work on Thursday, 3rd November.

The archaeologist was on site because of the trial area’s location next to the outer wall of Rochester Castle. We had no idea if we’d find anything, but when in such close proximity to history it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Which is what this post is about: we’ve found some masonry that the archaeologist thinks might be of historical interest. Unfortunately, that’s all we can tell you because we don’t want to speculate or mislead – at this point we simply don’t know if it is of interest or not, we just think it might be.

As a result, this particular area of inspection has been suspended while we prioritise protection of the archaeological site. This also means an area of footway by the castle will remain closed until a full archaeological review can be made.

The inspection work planned for Sunday will still go ahead as this is not considered likely to affect today’s potential find.

Update: More information about the find.

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