Rocketbooks instead of notebook

Most people will find themselves needing to take notes at some time or other, whether that’s in a meeting, on the go, on site, or in countless other situations, and for this you need a notebook.

However notebooks use paper, and the Rochester Bridge Trust is committed to reducing its paper use, which gave us something of a challenge: we couldn’t simply stop making notes, especially because note taking is particularly useful when brainstorming in a meeting, and hand-drawn sketches are a common part of problem solving within the Bridge Team, so we had to find an alternative for our team.

Rocketbooks are re-usable notebooks that look like paper and – provided you use the correct ink – can be wiped clean and re-used. Using an app on our phones, the pages can also be electronically saved so that important notes can be filed, while hasty scribbles can be erased without wasting paper.

Around half the team now uses them, with professional advisors also realising the benefit of these paper-saving notebooks.

They come in a range of sizes to fit in pockets, bags and briefcases, and because they contain fewer pages than a regular notebook, they are also lighter to carry around, which doesn’t affect our carbon footprint but is good for our shoulders and backs!



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