Progress update – bridge maintenance

The latest analysis of the Rochester Bridge Trust’s carbon impact for bridge maintenance shows it is on track for a reduction of more than 75% compared to last year.

As part of the Trust’s drive to reduce its carbon impact it is working towards a series of milestones, with net zero carbon bridge maintenance the first achievement in March 2022.

By ongoing changes to working practices, the Trust expects to reduce this year’s carbon impact of bridge maintenance to just six per cent of the 2018/19 base year, with the residual emissions offset with the planting of trees in the carbon sequestration plantation at Wardens’ Wood.

Bridge Clerk to the Trust Sue Threader explained: “We were very pleased to achieve Net Zero carbon for our bridge maintenance activities as our first target, but that doesn’t mean we can be complacent. We are constantly working to improve on this achievement, by investigating new equipment and different ways of working.

“Core maintenance activities on the bridges in the baseline year generated 41 tonnes of carbon emissions. In year one we got this down to 14t and now we’ve taken off another 10t through adopting new equipment and further adapting our working practices.”

Changes include the increased use of electric tools (powered by renewably-sourced electricity), and a change to the frequency of repetitive activities. Plans for further improvements mean the Trust is on target to reduce its carbon output in this area by another 75% over the coming year.

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