Carbon offsetting

There are many ways to tackle climate change, with one of the best ways being to simply not generate carbon in the first place, but that’s not always possible so a popular alternative is offsetting.

This is the act of compensating for carbon emissions by supporting activities that make equivalent reductions, for example investing in tree planting schemes or green technology.

The Rochester Bridge Trust is able to take control of its own carbon offsetting, with its commitment to plant a new woodland containing 8,000 trees at Detling. One of the first projects of its kind in Kent, this new woodland will offset all of the carbon generated by the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, as well as the carbon involved in the creation of the woodland itself.

Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk (Chief Executive) at the Rochester Bridge Trust, said: “While our priority is the reduction of emissions, offsetting is an important part of the Trust’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. We are pleased to be able to take control of our own offsetting by planting this native woodland for the benefit of the environment.”

As the woodland grows over the next 100 years trees will absorb, sequester and store the equivalent of 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Further offsetting measures are planned with the aim of planting trees along the route of a diversion implemented during part of the refurbishment.

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