Reusable water bottles

During the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, reusable water bottles were purchased to reduce the amount of single use plastic on the site.

These were primarily for use by site operatives, however they were also made available to staff and can often be seen in use around the office and when out and about.

The bottles are branded and include a space to write the owner’s name, meaning there is no danger of them being mixed up.

The human body is two thirds water, which means staying hydrated is important for our health. An internet search on the benefits of regularly drinking water reveals anything from increased energy levels to better concentration, with further suggested benefits including preventing headaches, constipation and dizziness.

Made of 35% recycled material, the bottles have sealed caps that release water when squeezed. This is particularly important from a hygiene point of view when working on site. When a person is fully kitted-out in PPE, opening a bottle of water is not the easiest of tasks – gloves can make it difficult to twist the cap, and dust on the gloves can clog up the mouthpiece. You can’t leave the lid off the bottle because then dust can settle in the water too.

Not having a lid also means there’s less chance of small parts falling into the river and causing damage to wildlife

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