Reusable coffee cups

How often do you buy a takeaway coffee? The answer is likely to vary quite a lot, but it’s probably not an unfair assumption to say many people have a takeaway hot drink at least once a week, with those on the go or commuting probably ordering many more.

In fact, in Britain we get through around 2.5 billion paper cups a year.

That’s a lot of single-use coffee cups going into landfill.

At the Rochester Bridge Trust, we like a good barista-made coffee as much as the next person, and with the High Street less than a five-minute walk from our offices, it’s incredibly easy for staff to pop out for a coffee.

To reduce the amount of waste being generated by these and other trips to our local cafes, we have provided all staff with their own branded, reusable cups.

Made from recycled coffee cups, our Circular&Co cups are 100% leakproof, designed to keep our drinks hot for more than an hour and they are very easy to use by simply pressing the top to open and drink.

They are designed to last for 10 years and can be recycled in our kerbside collection. Even better, Circular&Co is so keen to reduce its impact on the environment that they offer to takeback your cup when it’s come to the end of its life – so they can reuse the materials again.

This reduces the amount of cups going to landfill, enables a lot of reuse, and utilises recycled materials, all of which is good news for reducing our carbon footprint, or should that be cup print?

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