Recycled greetings cards

We all know it’s the thought that counts when it comes to remembering birthdays, but the thought accompanied by a card is even nicer – providing it doesn’t cost the earth.

To keep special events green, we have purchased a selection of greetings cards from the Eco-friendly Cards Shop.

All the cards we purchased are printed on FSC certified 100% recycled card, with 100% recycled envelopes. Although we opted not to receive this, each card can also be packaged in a compostable cornstarch bag.

The printing is done using vegetable-based inks and alcohol-free processes. This is important because alcohol is a solvent used by printers and is the industry’s main source of hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions. The vegetable-based inks further reduce emissions because they replace the use of “mineral oil” ink.

Finally, the cards are made in the UK, which means they haven’t had far to travel to reach us.

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