Office paper goes green

As part of our Carbon Reduction Plan for office paper, the Trust has received its first delivery of a new stationery product.

The everyday paper we now use – as sparingly as possible – in our printers and photocopiers is Woodland Trust Office Paper produced by Premier Paper. In contrast to the more common 80gsm paper, this is 75gsm, which helps us to further reduce our use.

Its high environmental credentials include Forest Stewardship Council® certification (FSC®), Carbon Capture®, and also Nordic Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel certification.

The paper is produced with zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, with much of the energy used in its production being generated from the waste materials used in the pulp and papermaking process. Excess heat from the process is also piped to a community heating project that services some 3,000 homes and civic buildings in close proximity to the mill.

In addition, for every ream purchased, 5p of the wholesale price goes directly to the Woodland Trust and helps support its work planting new trees and protecting existing forests in the UK. This chimes well with us as we have recently planted 8,000 trees in Kent to offset the carbon from the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

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