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Reducing the carbon footprint of the New Bridge

Early on in the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project we told you one of our goals was to ‘lose’ the New Bridge, with a change to the height of the lamp columns being one of the ways this would be achieved.

Now the new lighting has been installed we’re pleased to say a difference has been made, with the style of column meaning the lights themselves are lower and no longer standing higher than the bowstring trusses of the Old Bridge – which is significant for making the New Bridge less visible from a distance.

We also told you we would be upgrading the style of lighting itself, installing LED bulbs that are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan, so reducing waste from replacement materials.

And now we have another improvement to the lighting, in that we’ve changed the way our electricity is provided. All the power for the New Bridge is supplied by a 100 per cent renewable source, through Opus Energy, our new supplier.

This means the New Bridge now exclusively uses UK-based wind, solar and hydro power sources which – combined with all of the above changes – significantly reduces the structure’s carbon footprint while improving visibility and safety and reducing light pollution.

This is only a first step, but it’s one we’re pleased to be able to take as part of the New Bridge phase of the refurbishment project.

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