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Medieval charity joins modern global network

A medieval charity in Rochester has become one of the latest organisations to join an international network dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and best practice in the modern world.

The Rochester Bridge Trust has become a member of the NEC Users Group, which has more than 450 members worldwide, representing and connecting organisations from across the supply chain.

NEC is a suite of contracts that facilitates the implementation of sound project management principles while defining legal relationships. The Trust has been exclusively using NEC for bridge engineering for professional services, term maintenance and works contracts since 2010.

Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk (Chief Executive) of the Rochester Bridge Trust, explains: “This form of contract promotes good management, co-operation and communication – values at the heart of everything the Trust does. It is a very flexible suite of contracts and the use of plain English and consistent terminology makes it easier for everyone to understand their role and responsibility within a project.

“We have joined the NEC Users Group because as a small client organisation it is helpful for us to have access to a network of other contract users, so we can exchange knowledge and best practice, as well as having cost-effective opportunities to attend events and training.”

The Trust is currently part-way through a major refurbishment contract (ECC4) and beginning to look ahead to new contracts for professional services and ongoing maintenance projects, which is why the decision was taken to join the NEC Users Group.

Sue added: “We may have a decade’s experience of the NEC suite, but we know there will always be new things to learn about the best way to use the contracts to support our work and values – being part of this users group ensures we’re kept up to date at a time when we are looking to implement new contracts.

“Co-operation is at the heart of NEC and so it makes sense that this should extend to co-operation within the construction community to enable us to spread best practice across the industry as we build new relationships when embarking on new projects.

“We look forward to connecting with other NEC users and sharing experience around the globe.”

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