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Donation to support construction workers’ wellbeing

A construction industry charity has now benefitted from more than £500 in donations thanks to the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

The Lighthouse Club, which is committed to providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families, has received a second donation from the project at a time when charities are feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Russell Cooper, Senior Warden at the Rochester Bridge Trust which owns the bridges, said: “Now, more than ever, charities are in desperate need of financial help as their usual revenue streams have dried up. It gives us great pleasure to be able to continue our support for this important organisation, helping to carry out its vital work with members of the construction community.”

Two pounds is donated to the charity for every positive intervention carried out. This is an action taken to prevent injury from happening, for example clearing debris that could become a trip hazard before any harm is done.

There have been 101 positive interventions since the last donation, in 2019, bringing the total amount donated to £546.

Russell added: “The refurbishment may be on hold but that doesn’t mean the need to focus on the safety and wellbeing of the construction community stops. The Lighthouse Club provides an invaluable service and we are glad we can continue to offer our support.”

Visit for more information about the Lighthouse Club.

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