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The Service Bridge, an update

While the upstream lane of the New Bridge has been closed, a major refurbishment has been undertaken on the Service Bridge.

This separate bridge supports all the pipes and cables needed to carry electricity, gas, clean water, telephone, sewage and other services across the river.

The old roof was removed, any corroded steel repaired and replaced and the steelwork coated with layers of special paints to resist future corrosion. A completely new roof has been installed which is wider than before to make sure rain water does not gather on the structure where it can cause rusting. The roof is made of fibre-reinforced plastic which keeps the weight on the bridge as low as possible as well as allowing daylight into the Service Bridge to allow safe maintenance on the pipes and cables it contains.

Out of sight, on the scaffolding underneath the bridge, the old paint is being removed from the structure so that steelwork repairs can be carried out and protective paint layers can be applied.

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