Old Bridge RG5 9350 1

Refurbishing the Service Bridge

As refurbishment work progresses on the New Bridge, the focus of activities has also turned to the Service Bridge.

A 2015 Principal Inspection of the bridge – which means the engineers were within touching distance of the whole structure to log any maintenance issues – revealed some definite areas of work that could be carried out to improve the long-term maintenance of the structure. The works were recorded and then put into the bigger picture for an appropriate time to take action. That time has now come because the work can be carried out alongside other tasks, so minimising disruption to road users.

The main task for this structure is a complete replacement of the existing fiberglass roof – which has now been removed. The inspection revealed that the current roof does not reach to the edge of the Service Bridge, meaning water runs off the roof and collects on top of the structure, accelerating the deterioration of steel elements.

The new roof will be made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and has been extended and designed to enhance water run-off, as well as improving the overall appearance of the Service Bridge.

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