Rochester Bridges from the Guildhall 14th May 2014 ft 1

Introducing the Service Bridge

Did you know the Rochester Bridge Trust owns and maintains three bridges between Rochester and Strood?

The Old Bridge and the New Bridge are the two crossings everyone recognises, and running in between them is a much smaller but independent structure: the Service Bridge. You could be forgiven for having missed it because this crossing isn’t made for people, instead it carries utilities such as water and communications cables for organisations such as Southern Water and BT.

Work to build the Service Bridge began towards the end of construction of the New Bridge, meaning the structure is not far off 50 years old. Like its neighbours, this bridge is regularly maintained but still due some additional TLC during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, with the main task being roof replacement.

Refurbishment of this structure will be carried out once work on the New Bridge has been completed, around autumn 2019.

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