Shaun Hill, Core Service Supervisor

I work for FM Conway, the Term Maintenance Contractor for Rochester’s bridges. My job is to oversee the core delivery of site works, making sure we do everything safely.

I’m based on site, so I’m one of the people you’ll see in high visibility clothing (personal protective equipment or PPE), working on or around the bridges on a daily basis. My tasks vary but include managing day-to-day issues such as the battle to stop weeds from growing wherever their seeds fall. We also recently had a particularly bad winter, which meant it was my job to help keep the bridges open – for instance by keeping them de-iced!

As well as my daily duties I also liaise with other departments, for instance when larger-scale cleaning or traffic management are brought in.

One of the things I particularly enjoy about my work is that I’m one of the people who meets the public, when passers-by are interested in what is happening on the bridge. I like that I’m part of the team that links the public with the Trust.

Away from work I enjoy gardening, and barbecues in the garden.