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Inspections on the Esplanade

The Rochester Bridge Trust is known for its ownership of and responsibility for the bridges between Rochester and Strood, but did you know we also own a section of the Esplanade?


Walk away from the bridges, along the Esplanade, and you’ll notice an engraving on the Castle wall that reads RB CR. The same engraving but in reverse can also be seen emerging from the pavement on the riverside balustrade. This marks the boundary between Rochester Bridge Trust land and City of Rochester land.


We carry out regular maintenance of our bridges, and the same is required of the land we own on the Esplanade.


From this week, areas of footway will be closed to the public to enable us to inspect the condition of this area by means of a series of bore holes and trial pits.

It is expected the work will cause only a minor disruption to road traffic, but as it will take a couple of weeks we appreciate your patience at this time.

Follow the story of these investigations.

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