Carbon-free motoring

In a further sign of its commitment to cutting carbon emissions, Term Maintenance Contractor FM Conway has provided one of its key staff working on Rochester Bridge with a new electric vehicle.

Contract Manager Peter Moore has been supplied with a long-range model of the Tesla Y, which is said to be the most efficient electric car of its type on the market.

With a range of more than 300 miles, the car doesn’t need recharging very often, but when it does Peter can plug it in at work and make use of the 100% renewable electricity used at Rochester Bridge. It means his worktime motoring involves zero carbon emissions and doesn’t add to local air pollution.

He said: “We have already achieved Net Zero Carbon status for routine bridge maintenance – with any remaining residual emissions offset by tree planting – and we are constantly looking at what additional steps we can take to improve our performance further.

“FM Conway’s investment in this new electric car will make a further contribution to carbon reduction and, as well as being good for the environment it’s a great car to drive!”

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