Positive interventions see more than £1,000 donated to charity

Positive actions to keep an engineering site safe have resulted in more than £1,000 being donated to a charity supporting the construction community.

People involved in the 18-month Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project were asked to report positive interventions to prevent injury, such as clearing debris that could become a trip hazard, and for every item reported £2 was donated to charity. This donation was increased during the final months of the project, leading to a total of £1,376 being presented to The Lighthouse Club.

The donation was made jointly by the Rochester Bridge Trust, owners of the bridges, and FM Conway, lead contractor for the refurbishment, with the Trust tripling their donation for the final months of the project.

Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk at the Trust, explained: “From the start of this refurbishment we have emphasised the importance of safety, and by offering a donation for every positive intervention reported we were demonstrating this commitment.

“The refurbishment project involved more than 90,000 working hours, during which there were no lost-time incidents and just two very minor on-site injuries – both of which were resolved with the use of a first aid kit. The reporting of positive interventions contributed to this safety record.”

The Lighthouse Club is committed to providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families, meaning every penny is important at a time when charities are feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

The Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project ran for 18 months, with a total of 538 positive interventions recorded. This led to FM Conway donating £538, and the Rochester Bridge Trust donating £838, taking into account the additional donations during the final few months of work.

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