Medieval charity signs commitment to inspire the engineers of tomorrow

The Rochester Bridge Trust is pleased to have become a signatory of the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code.

A commitment to increasing the diversity and number of young people entering engineering careers, the code requires signatories to make four pledges about their approach to funding, designing, delivering and learning.

Caroline Chisholm, Education Manager at the Rochester Bridge Trust, said: “The Tomorrow’s Engineers Code reflects the values that have been at the heart of our engineering education initiatives since we supported our first scholar ten years ago.

“When the code was launched in October, we knew it was important for us to sign up, to reinforce our commitment to engineering education and to help inspire other organisations to do the same.”

The code follows a framework of four pledges to ensure:
• Programmes contribute to a sustained and rich STEM journey for all young people.
• All young people have opportunities to engage in engineering-inspiration activities, so that no one is left behind.
• Organisations promote a positive, compelling and authentic view of engineering, showcasing the breadth of opportunities.
• Improved monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities to develop a shared understanding of what works.

Caroline added: “Our education programme is dedicated to enthusing young engineers and breaking down stereotypes so that all children – and adults – are able to appreciate the potential of a career in engineering.

“As we work with younger children to familiarise them with engineering principles from an early age, we particularly want to show adults that it’s never too early to start inspiring tomorrow’s engineers.”

The Rochester Bridge Trust runs an award-winning education scheme, all of which is offered free of charge. The initiative includes a series of activity books, mentoring, scholarships and – when safe to do so – face-to-face activities. Information is provided online so that all activities can be run from the home or classroom without the need to visit the Trust. Small grants are also available, to support the purchase of learning materials for STEM activities.

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