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Temporary road layout for New Bridge

The New Bridge at Rochester is to be given a temporary road layout to facilitate the safety of staff and travellers during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project. The changes are of relevance to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Previously advertised overnight single lane closures of the New Bridge will continue until Friday, 3rd May.

On Thursday, 2nd May, the temporary road layout will be implemented until summer 2019. This will involve closure of the footway and cycleway, with two lanes of road traffic running on the downstream side of the New Bridge. Vehicles will still be able to turn right onto Rochester Esplanade. Pedestrians will be diverted to the Old Bridge.

The works have been designed to minimise disruption to road users by maintaining the double lane capacity for vehicles travelling from Strood to Rochester.

The works on the New Bridge include upgrades to the street lighting and improved drainage. They are being carried out by FM Conway, on behalf of the Rochester Bridge Trust.

For more information about the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project see

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