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Sourcing the right bricks for the workshop walls

In order to sympathetically replace the bricks in the workshop walls, research has been done to source the most appropriate materials.

Two of the sample panels are pictured here. Photo Credits: FM Conway

Two of the sample panels are pictured here. Photo Credits: FM Conway

The wall is currently constructed from Gault Yellow bricks, however these are not possible to replicate and reclaimed bricks of this type cannot be readily sourced. The existing bricks cannot be re-used due to the hard nature of the cement mortar used during construction.

After some research, and consultation with a Medway Council conservation Officer, it was decided Sevenoaks Yellow Stock – by Ibstock Bricks Limited – are a sufficiently close match. The blue bricks will be replaced by Staffordshire Blue Brindle Smooth, the same type as is currently in place. These blue bricks have a very specific clay and firing technique, which produces a distinctive colour and very hardwearing and strong bricks.

As part of the listed building consent, sample panels of the proposed bricks were created. These are each one metre square and demonstrate the full detail of the materials, including the mortar mix to be used. They will also serve as a guide during the works.

  • The work will begin this week (commencing 15th February), with a trial removal of a small area of the brickwork.

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