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Safety boat helps children access the river

Young people can now enjoy even more access to the water, thanks to the purchase of a new safety boat.

The vessel has been bought by Hydra Explorer and Network Sea Scout Unit following a grant of more than £10,000 from the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Safety boat on water

The boat – which replaces an old, borrowed vessel – will be used by 10-22-year-olds as part of their weekly water sports on the Medway. Although the boat’s main priority will be for safety while water activities such as kayaking are taking place, it also features a centre console that gives young people an opportunity to try driving the boat themselves.

Safety boat speech

Mrs Syd Grinnell, who organises the water activities, said: “This donation, and the boat and associated equipment it has helped to fund, really means a lot to us.

“Two years ago we lost all our kit and it’s been a long, long road to get back to having a safety boat. For the Trust to help us with this is amazing.”

Safety boat cheering group

Junior Warden Russell Cooper, who officially named and launched the boat, said: “It gives me great pleasure to visit and meet the young people and see the Trust’s donation being put to such good use.

“One of our grant priorities is to support the provision of education and training for those who work on or use the River Medway, and this new boat, Hydra, will play an important part in that.”

Safety boat group on water

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