Employee of the month for October

Two people have been named as October’s Employees of the Month for the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

Sean Glover, Quantity Surveyor, and Istvan Nemes, Site Engineer, received multiple peer nominations for their efforts, with the senior management team deciding to select the two FM Conway employees from among the names put forward.

The reasons for Sean’s nomination included his dedication to the project and always putting in maximum effort. Istvan was recognised for his involvement in the success of the works carried out during the series of overnight full closures of the Old Bridge for resurfacing works.

They have each been presented with a £50 Amazon voucher.

Jim Booth, Service Manager at the Rochester Bridge Trust, said: “Well done to both for their efforts. Quality is of the utmost importance to the Trust, and that comes in the form of materials and work – these two employees of the month exemplify quality of work.”

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