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Rochester Esplanade closed next to Rochester Bridge

Following the advice of Kent Police, road access to Rochester Esplanade from Corporation Street has been closed.

Access to the Esplanade had originally been kept open during refurbishment work for vehicles turning left from Corporation Street but this has now changed for safety reasons.

A spokesperson for the Rochester Bridge Trust said: “Many vehicles have been witnessed ignoring road closed signs and driving on the wrong side of the road along the Esplanade. As a result the police have advised lead contractor FM Conway to completely close access to this area. Motorists using Corporation Street are asked to follow the diversion signs if they wish to join the Esplanade.

“We apologise for any inconvenience, but the risks taken by these motorists means it is considered safer to implement this closure.”

Access will be maintained for residents of Castle Hill.

If you have any questions about the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, please contact Helen McConnell, Public Liaison Officer for FM Conway, by emailing or calling 07917 518529.

The DiversionRoad users travelling from Rochester along Corporation Street will be asked to follow the same diversion as vehicles travelling from Strood.

Road users travelling from Strood will be asked to cross the New Bridge and continue along Corporation Street, turning right onto Victoria Street. They then follow the road onto East Row, then Maidstone Road/B2097. Turn right onto Priestfields, then right onto Shorts Way, which becomes the Esplanade.

To leave Rochester Esplanade road users are asked to reverse the route.

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