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Trio recognised for lockdown work ethic

Three people working on the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project have been rewarded for their dedication in the latest round of Employee of the Month award.

With up to 60 people on site – and social distancing – at any one time, a significant number of good quality nominations were made for the second month of the scheme. 

Jim Booth, Service Manager at the Rochester Bridge Trust, explained: “The refurbishment’s management team was impressed by the range and number of peer nominations put forward for this month’s award. Three people in particular stood out for their efforts, and so it was decided to reward all of them.”

Hazel Nelson of FM Conway received the most peer nominations and was presented with a £50 Amazon voucher. As site office cleaner, Hazel has the almost never-ending job of maintaining health and safety in the covid-19 world. She works hard to ensure the site office is a clean, safe environment – including the much-used canteen and changing areas which provide vital support facilities for the workforce.

Andrei Mihalache, also of FM Conway, works as a General Operative and was recognised for the high standard of his work. While Alltask’s Anthony Rebello is a scaffolder who is seen as a good role model and team player. They each received a £25 Amazon voucher as a thank you for their dedication.

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