Adjustments for outdoor working

Implemented as part of Sue’s Safety Challenge during the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project 2019-2020

What: Safe and comfortable outdoor working.

Why? On hot, sunny days it can be very tempting to make the most of the good weather and decamp to the garden. At the Trust we’re lucky enough to have access to a very nice outdoor area that’s got patio furniture and parasols. This is great if you’re relaxing with a drink or your lunch, but not so good for prolonged periods – the traditional desk space and office chair may be a functional arrangement, but they have also been set up for safe and comfortable working, something even the nicest of patio sets cannot compete with. Adopting your environment to ensure your body has proper support, you can comfortably reach the keyboard of your computer and you are protected from the sun are vital if you’re to not pay the price of outdoor working with a bad back or other work-related injury.

Implemented? Yes. We’re determined to make the most of our garden so two complementary items have been purchased – as demonstrated by Operations Manager Andrew.

The Cushion Set includes a foam seat cushion and a lumbar support back rest. These should help to ensure a comfortable seating position is maintained, preventing pressure on coccyx, spine, hips and thighs, while supporting the natural curve of the lower back more thoroughly than a garden chair is able to do.

Once seated, Andrew next set up the laptop stand. This is important because – as with an office screen – the keyboard and laptop should be at a comfortable height and distance. Using an adjustable stand means it’s easy to find the correct position to suit individual needs, ensuring safe and comfortable working away from the office desk.

The final item of safety was already in place: Andrew is sat under a large parasol, which is sheltering him from the direct sunlight.

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