Climate neutral office equipment

As part of our drive towards carbon neutrality, we are taking environmental impact into account in all our purchasing decisions, however apparently small. When one of our hole punches fell apart recently, and was beyond any practical repair, we started the hunt for an appropriate replacement.

We found this range of products from Leitz Recycle. Everything in the range is climate neutral, 100% recyclable and made from a high percentage of recycled materials.

Our new hole punch is sturdily built, made of 45% recycled plastic and does its job very well. In fact, apart from a very nice design feature which makes it easier to use for people with a weaker grip, it is indistinguishable from a hole punch you might buy from any high street stationery shop.

Perhaps just as impressive is the packaging used. It’s all made of a minimum of 95% recycled cardboard with no plastic windows. Even the tape holding the box together has had carbon tax paid to ensure the impacts are properly offset.

There are other products in the range and we will be choosing these for future purchases when we need them.

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