Carbon neutral crisps

Having a packet of crisps is one of those pleasures that probably counts as naughty but nice.

But if you’re feeling a little guilty as you enjoy your snack, you can ease your conscience by choosing a product that is carbon neutral.

One of our favourite suppliers is Made for Drink, a UK company that is working towards being a carbon net zero business by 2030. In the meantime it is managing to be carbon neutral by steadily reducing its emissions and offsetting the remainder.

Its UK food production, for example, is now powered by renewable electricity and 50% of deliveries are via a carbon neutral network. Its work to enhance a neglected ancient woodland on the north Devon coast is more than absorbing the remaining carbon.

Made for Drink isn’t the only company producing snacks in an environmentally responsible way, so do look around for alternative suppliers. We can, though, vouch that they produce a very good packet of crisps, with a choice of three flavours: Dorset sea salt, malt vinegar and sea salt and English truffle.

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