There’s something missing on Rochester Esplanade

When the Old Bridge was opened in May 1914, the approach to the crossing included some rather large, ornate lamps.

The pedestal columns for those lamps can still be seen today, but not on the Rochester Bridge Trust’s land. When the New Bridge was constructed in the 1960s, the road layout had to change, which led to the lamps being taken down in 1968. They were then stored off site until, working with the City of Rochester Society (CoRS), a new long-term home could be found for them.

That home was found in 1987, when on 5 September the pedestal columns were installed at the entrance to Rochester Pier at the Esplanade Gardens.

As is clear to see, they are now in need of some tender loving care and so, again working with CoRS, the Trust has agreed to take the columns away for restoration.

The most practical way to carry out the restoration work is to remove the columns and hand them over to specialists who have the necessary equipment to undertake the work. As progress is made, more updates will be shared here.

For now, at least you know why there’s something missing on Rochester Esplanade.

Summer 2023 – an update

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