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Staying safe when installing scaffolding

Anyone passing on or near Rochester’s bridges recently will have noticed an array of scaffolding hiding parts of the structures from view. Indeed, this web page has already explained encapsulation, so even remote readers will have seen the photos.

It’s been installed by Alltask, a scaffolding, insulation and asbestos management specialist. The firm works for lead contractor FM Conway, providing the ongoing supply and installation of the scaffolding and encapsulation for the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

This is essential for giving easy and safe access to all involved in the refurbishment. Easy so the contractors can concentrate on doing their jobs. Safe because that is an absolute priority at all times.

But how do the scaffolders stay safe while installing all of this access? Particularly when a lot of their work is being carried out underneath the bridges?

The simple answer is good personal protective equipment (PPE) and the strict following of all safety measures, for instance being attached to a tether in case of a slip, and having a safety boat on stand by. However, even with all of these precautions there is always the risk of an accident, and so the team at Alltask have also taken part in Life Jacket Awareness Training.

Around 25 operatives took part in the training, which they found enjoyable, informative and vital to their safety when working over water. Below are a few pictures of one of the training sessions.


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