Old Bridge RG5 9370 1

Looking to the past, planning for the future

To ensure our plans for the future do credit to the designs of the past, we regularly check photographs and plans from our archives. This is particularly important for our work to upgrade the ornate lighting, which must be in keeping with the style of the Old Bridge.

In this photograph you can see that the original lighting on the porticos was different to what is currently in place. It is believed these fittings may have been installed when the gas lighting was changed to electric, but in this case we are yet to find confirmation in our archives (there are a lot of documents to look through).

As we’re pretty certain no one is keen on the plastic coverings in position at present, our current proposals for the upgrade of the ornate lighting are to bring them back in line with the originals installed in 1914. Meantime, here’s a plan of some of the ideas put forward for the Old Bridge in 1910, before construction began.

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