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Repairs to Rochester Esplanade

A small area of ground has collapsed in a flower bed on Rochester Esplanade.

A team of engineers, including Term Maintenance Contractor FM Conway and Bridge Engineer Arcadis, is carrying out investigations and monitoring the site.

This will lead to some minor disruption to the parking bays on the Esplanade, while machinery is required.

Tim Belcher-Whyte of Arcadis said: “Our previous investigations ahead of the upcoming refurbishment works mean we have a good understanding of the geology under the Esplanade and the surrounding solid structures, so we wish to reassure the public that this area is unlikely to get any worse. We are taking the necessary precautions to protect the area and make it safe.”

The area is in the vicinity of a bore hole where investigations have been carried out. The bore hole had been left in place to enable further monitoring.

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