Mayrick Hellwing, Quality Manager

Working for FM Conway as the Quality Manager on the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project, my key responsibilities involve the inspection and testing of plans, carrying out method statements, risk assessments, and ensuring the specifications of the contract are met to a high standard.

Having a construction manager background, this project was much more focused on contract specifications than in my previous roles, but I have found that this role has opened new opportunities for me and has provided me with an entirely new perspective on how I work.

One of the things I am looking forward to is that I am working on such a significant structure and the challenges that come along with that. I have traditionally been focused on civil engineering with an emphasis on rail, so it was vital that I protected the existing assets on this project and met the contract needs to a high specification. 

I think one of the most challenging elements of the project is the contract requirements and balancing the needs of the clients. This could mean raising concerns or alternative proposals that differ from the client specification but still ensure we are maintaining a high value of engineering to better the proposals.

In my spare time I am very into golf and often enjoy playing when I can find the time. I am also very passionate about restoring Land Rovers and my engineering background has been a great driver of this interest.