Helene Andersen, Quality Control Manager

As a member of the site-based team for FM Conway, I’m responsible for establishing and monitoring the quality of each element of the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project.

This means I carry out inspections and maintain compliance records to ensure the works are carried out to a high standard.

I completed my technical qualifications at Aalborg University and the Engineering College of Aarhus in Denmark, before working for CH2M as a Graduate Engineer, where I was a part of the team working on one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects: the Thames Tideway Tunnel. As a graduate member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, I am working towards Chartership, via a training agreement with FM Conway.

I’m now enjoying being part of the team responsible for ensuring the bridges are refurbished to the best quality, delivering on the high standards required by the Rochester Bridge Trust.

This project involves putting to good use the knowledge I have gained on previous infrastructure projects while still gaining valuable experience working on this interesting heritage project. It’s sure to give me some new challenges that push me to deliver innovative engineering solutions – and I’m looking forward to them!

Alongside this project, I am particularly interested in inspiring young people to engage with STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). I play an active role as a STEM Ambassador, taking part in events to encourage potential engineers.

In my free time I enjoy reading crime novels and baking.