Varley and Gulliver

Health and safety is an important part of any refurbishment, and the Rochester Bridge parapets are a necessary barrier between pedestrians and traffic, as well as from the water below.

One of the organisations involved in the work to replace the existing parapets is West Bromwich-based Varley and Gulliver, contracted by FM Conway.

Experts in manufacturing and installing vehicle and pedestrian restraint systems, Varley and Gulliver were contracted for the unique challenge of replacing the existing bridge parapets.  The new parapet is quite different in style to the old one, but this was necessary to meet modern day safety and environmental standards for a bridge over a major tidal river. The new barrier is easier to maintain, which will reduce any disruption on the bridge during any future repairs. 

The company is a major supplier of parapets in the UK and has provided all the metal parapets for the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and the A14 – two of the biggest road projects to take place in the UK.