Cook Fabrications

Look through the web pages dedicated to the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project and you’ll see a lot of attention is given to upgrading the lighting.

One of the many organisations involved in the implementation of the new lighting is Folkestone-based Cook Fabrications, which is contracted by FM Conway. An expert in the provision of structural steelwork, Cook carries out steel fabrication work to customer specification, creating anything from one-off architectural features to staircases, balustrades and large structural steel frames. In their 35,000 square foot facility they use a range of processing equipment from guillotines and plasma profiling machines, to a Kaltenbach Drill and Cut Line.

Cook’s main task for the refurbishment is the installation of a stainless steel conduit spanning the length of the New Bridge (on both sides) to house the cabling for the new lighting system. They have also fabricated and installed the base plates for the new lamp columns, as well as drainage pipes running underneath the bridges.