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Certificate of Excellence awarded to bridge refurbishment work

A multi-million pound bridge refurbishment has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for its dedication to improving the image of the construction industry.

The Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project received the recognition following its second inspection by the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) which reviewed the project’s commitment to appearance, community, environment, safety and workforce. The inspector awarded top marks and an exceptional grading in three areas, with an 8/9 excellent rating in the remaining two.

The refurbishment is a project to bring the three bridges owned by the Rochester Bridge Trust into the best possible condition for the future. It is being carried out by FM Conway.

Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk (Chief Executive) to the Trust, said: “I am incredibly proud of this award, which recognises the efforts of everyone involved in the refurbishment.

“This acknowledges the consideration and determination of all, and is as much about us as considerate constructors as it is about the standard of work completed so far.”

Established in 1997, CCS requires those registered with the scheme to raise their standards in considerate construction in relation to the local communities and environment impacted by construction activity and the project’s workforce.

The refurbishment project was particularly praised for the appearance of the works and workforce; exceptional community engagement; excellent recycling procedures; and a commitment to safety and welfare.

Liam McGoldrick, Senior Contracts Manager for FM Conway, added: “This is a brilliant pat on the back for our whole workforce. We all take pride in our work and to have those efforts recognised by such a prestigious scheme really means a lot to us.

“The Considerate Constructors Scheme make a huge difference to the way our industry is seen by others, and to know our efforts are a part of that is incredible.”

At the time of this CCS inspection, the Term Maintenance Contractor was also reviewed and upgraded to an excellent rating.

For more information about the Rochester Bridge Refurbishment Project see or visit to find out more about the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

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