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Society wins award for Civic Day

Congratulations to the City of Rochester Society for winning an award at the Civic Voice National Convention.

Six awards were presented for achievements during Civic Day, with the City of Rochester Society winning the title for Outstanding Community Engagement.

The society was recognised for its Civic Day event on 17th June. Held at Rochester Guildhall Museum, the event was organised by Christine Furminger and had the theme of ‘building bridges within our community’.

The Rochester Bridge Trust was pleased to support this event by providing a range of bridge building activities for families.

Bridge Clerk Sue Threader explained: “When the Trust heard the City of Rochester Society was considering holding an event for Civic Day we were keen to get help out.

“Education mascot Langdon the Lion joined Rochester Cathedral’s Rory Roffensis mascot and the two took to the streets to encourage families to come and take part in the activities on offer. The day turned out to be a great success – not only for encouraging children to try out bridge building but for engaging whole families to appreciate where they live.

“We congratulate the Society for their achievement on the day and for this very well deserved award.”

Find out more about the Civic Day event here, or the City of Rochester Society here.

(CoRS-award – Picture Credit: Gary Browne/Medway Messenger)

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